Q&A with Ted Malik, Founder, Malik Farms

Has farming always been your career or is this a passion project? Why did you get into this business? Tell us your story!

After our youngest son was born, Ted decided to retire from Grumman where he had been a software engineer for more than 2 decades and go back to something he'd done as a boy helping his mother grow beautiful cut flowers. He started with many of the same varieties his mother grew and quickly found a niche market for sunflowers, which continues to be one of our top sellers. When Carol retired from her day job, she became an active partner in the business, which continues to expand. We now grow and sell many different varieties and pride ourselves on providing  the freshest and longest lasting flowers to our customers.

What was that first season like for you? Any stories or anecdotes from the early days you'd like to share?

Ted began the business with a six month old son at home, who spent most of his days in a baby carrier on his Dad's back, literally.  As a small boy, our youngest son became quite the salesman as he made deliveries with his Dad. Our long-standing customers still ask about him.

Do you have a favorite flower?

Ted loves them all. Carol says peonies.


Photos by Malik Farms


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