Q&A with Prudence Heston, Cofounder, Salt Air Farm

Photo by Salt Air Farms

Photo by Salt Air Farms

What year was the farm founded? How much land you have?

My family has been farming on the North Fork since the 1600s.  The Salt Air Farm business is now 11 years old with 132 acres.

Has farming always been your career or is this a passion project? Why did you get into this business? Tell us your story!

I grew up working on our family farm every summer.  Following college I worked as a nurse for 12 years before deciding to return to the farm full time.  My husband and I managed the larger family farm for about 10 years before starting up our own farm business...Salt Air Farm.

Photo by Salt Air Farms

Photo by Salt Air Farms

What was that first season like for you? Any stories or anecdotes from the early days you'd like to share?

My earliest memory with farming is being out in the field with my Grandfather. He was planting peach trees and I was planting lollipop sticks because I wanted to grow lollipop trees!

Do you have a favorite flower?


What's your favorite part of the season? What do you look forward to the most?

My favorite part of the season is mid-summer.  Spring is always too crazy busy to be really fun and autumn feels a little sad to me as we put another growing season to rest.  But summers are amazing!

If you'd like the general public to know one thing about flower sourcing, what would you like to share?

Each and every flower is unique.  The color variations and subtle differences from stem to stem on a single plant is just beautiful.  Skip the cookie cutter look and embrace the individuality. If you can take that leap of faith and step away from the monotony of florals designed to withstand the shipping industry...you'll never look back!

Is there someone in the industry you really admire and look up to for inspiration?

My best inspiration has come from some of the farm hands I've worked with.