So, how does this all work? +

Think of us like a CSA vegetable program, but for flowers. You set the price and frequency for your monthly subscription and we deliver beautifully-designed fresh, locally-grown flowers right to your home or business. Each arrangement will differ from the last, which we think makes things more fun and interesting.

How fresh are your flowers? +

The freshest of the fresh! We deliver flowers that were cut that week and sourced from farms nearby. Our flowers are never imported, never go on an airplane, and will never be more than a few days old. Learn more about how our process differs from the traditional florist here!

Can I customize my order? Is it possible to place an order of just roses? What about peonies? Hydrangeas? +

Nope! We source only what is available locally, in season, at that exact moment. Our farmers cut whatever is fresh and it is a surprise to us as well.

I don’t like this week’s flowers. Can I return or exchange? +

We work strictly on Mother Nature’s schedule, which means we have no say in which flowers will be ready to be cut from week to week. We understand this is a shift from the typical florist experience but we hope you will join us in embracing this new, sustainable, way to embrace the local beauty that grows nearby. For this reason, we are unable to process returns or exchanges unless your flowers are damaged.

How do I know what I’ll be receiving? +

Embrace the surprise! We’ll also send you a quick snap of your arrangement before it heads out to you so you can get excited about what’s coming your way.

How do you handle quality control? +

We work with only the best farmers who grow the best flowers. We stand by the quality of our flowers and will never deliver high-quality blooms. Every arrangement is inspected by our founders before they go out and a photo is taken to ensure we can archive what was delivered. When possible, we’d like to also request a signature upon delivery to ensure you’re happy as well.

Will my flowers last forever? +

Well… no. We’re talking about real flowers here, folks! They won’t last forever but you can read our cafe tips here to help elongate the life of your blooms.

What if I want to pause or cancel my subscription? +

Pause or cancel at any time. No questions asked! To ensure you are not billed for flowers you don’t wish to receive, be sure to cancel seven days in advance of your next delivery. Just email with the subject "CHANGE MY SUBSCRIPTION".

I want to change my subscription. How do I do that? +

No problem! Increase, decrease, pause or cancel by emailing

When can I expect my delivery? Are there custom delivery options? +


I don’t live on Long Island but I’m not too far. Can I still sign up for a subscription? +

As of now we are only servicing homes and businesses on Long Island, however, things are always changing! Shoot us an email at to inquire and we’ll see if we can make magic happen for you.

I don’t live near Long Island but I’d like to have my flowers mailed to me. Can I do that? +

Nope! Sorry. Our flowers are never shipped, mailed, or go on an airplane. We believe strictly on providing locally-grown flowers to the local community.

I noticed you donate to the Peconic Land Trust. Why do you support them? +

We believe in supporting our local farmers and the Peconic Land Trust is one of the leaders doing this on Long Island. Read more about their work here!

Why do you give flowers to Queens County Farm to be composted? +

Well… why not! Rather than toss perished or unusable flowers in the trash, we are able to give our blooms a second life, while also supporting a great educational program. Win-win!