How do I find you? Are you in the same place every day? +

The best place to find out where we are is to follow along on Instagram @hometownflowerco. During our first season, we will be at the Roslyn Farmers Market on Wednesdays each week, and the Babylon Farmers Market on Sundays each week. Beyond that, our schedule will change from week to week so be sure to stay in the loop to spot Baby Blue in the wild.

Can I request the truck for private events? +

You sure can! Email with the subject PRIVATE HIRE and we’ll sort it all out.

I’m really into vintage cars. What kind of truck are you operating? +

Oh heeyyyy! We love vintage cars too. Our dream car is a ‘67 Mustang convertible but that's for a different time. Baby Blue is a 1976 Ford F-100 with nearly all original parts. She’s a real warrior. We also hitch a custom made trailer to Baby Blue for larger pop-ups or when we are selling on-the-go (like the ice cream truck but with flowers!).

We’d love to have the truck come to our office. Can we set that up? +

You betcha! We think flowers in an office or on a desk really brighten things up as well. Drop us a line and we’ll see how we can slot you into our weekly schedule: with the subject BABY BLUE AT MY OFFICE

We are organizing a festival and would love to have you there! Interested? +

We love festivals and events. Tell us more and we’ll see if we can make it work! Just email and we’ll chat!