Gifting Cards

Gifting Cards


Put the finishing touch on your gift with one of our exclusive, custom-made flower-themed greeting cards. Opt for something silly and fun with one of our floral joke cards or play it safe with a beautiful quote that’s a fit for any occasion. Each card is printed on thick, double-sided paper with the back left blank to customize your own message.

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Don’t see what you want? Drop us a line for custom orders. Wreaths, flower crowns, plants, and herbs available upon request!

(Un)Necessary Disclaimer: We embrace the unusual, abnormal, and unique. For that reason, please remember that no two flowers or arrangements are the same. We design only with what is available at the exact moment of your purchase to keep things as fresh as possible, and to embrace Mother Nature in her native state. We don’t believe in working with flowers that have been genetically modified to withstand unnaturally-long lifespans and look lifeless and generic. Confused about how this all works or want to learn more? Drop us a note! We’d love to talk.